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We provide water treatment expertise and complete systems to achieve the water quality you need. No matter the water, Wavelength has the solution.

How Wavelength delivers your Solution

1. Scope

Our professionals work with you to scope the project requirements thoroughly and meticulously address all details to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Design & Install

We complete a customised design and utilise our relationships with our world-leading suppliers to provide equipment that our team expertly installs.

3. Futureproof

After achieving and maintaining desired outcomes, we offer in-depth training and a detailed service plan for seamless, ongoing system support.

Wavelength Water


Our diverse team ensures we can find your water solution. Whether providing families with the purest, safest water through our whole-house purification system or designing and commissioning extensive water treatment systems for high-value commercial, industrial, or council projects, Wavelength offers an all-inclusive package.

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Wavelength Water


Wavelength Water takes a customised approach to water treatment, tailoring our solutions to meet your specific water needs. You can trust us to provide sustainable, top-tier water treatment systems that meet the highest standards, ensuring clean, safe water while safeguarding the environment.

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Wavelength Water


Establishing strong relationships with world-leading suppliers ensures that no matter the problem, Wavelength Water can commission a bespoke, state-of-the-art system, backed with extensive knowledge and a network of reputable brands, to address your unique water concerns, effectively saving you time and money.

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Wavelength are proud to be the NZ representatives for industry leading products.