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Nuvonic embodies a new era of UV water treatment systems, combining the expertise and innovation of its predecessors.

Berson is renowned for its technical abilities and unwavering commitment to quality and service, and Hanovia is a global leader in UV water treatment and chemical reduction technology. Together, under the banner of Nuvonic, these brands join as one to deliver cutting-edge UV solutions to address the evolving needs of UV water treatment.

Their advanced systems are used widely in municipal water treatment plants, as well as in industrial applications such as the food and beverage sector, pharmaceuticals and aquaculture- mainly since UV treatment does not produce any harmful byproducts, nor does it alter the taste, colour or odour of the treated water.

With a focus on innovation, reliability, and sustainability, Nuvonic sets a new standard in UV water treatment, ensuring clean, safe water for communities, industries, and ecosystems across the globe.


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The Wavelength are proud to be official agents of many award-winning consumer and commercial water system brands.

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