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Wavelength Water applies expertise to optimise water quality in food production, hospitality, and bottling. Ensuring consistency, safety, and sustainability for uninterrupted processes and enhanced flavours.

In New Zealand's vital food and beverage sector, Wavelength Water champions providing clean, safe water.

Bespoke water treatment systems are essential for compliance and meticulously adhere to regulatory standards. These systems, adeptly designed by leveraging extensive knowledge and cutting-edge products, play a crucial role in purifying water, ensuring a high-quality end product that maintains consumer trust.

In water bottling, Wavelength excels in addressing challenges associated with harmful contaminants. Expertly navigating considerations like ozone usage and by-product control, their engineered water treatment systems meet regulatory standards and enhance the taste and quality of bottled water, fostering customer satisfaction and repeat business.

In the hospitality industry, where water is a linchpin for diverse operations, Wavelength's water treatment ensures the removal of impurities that can compromise the taste and quality of food and beverages. This approach aligns with safety and efficiency goals and significantly reduces maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of equipment and contributing to the sector's overall sustainability.

Food & Beverage

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The Wavelength are proud to be official agents of many award-winning consumer and commercial water system brands.

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