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Maintaining water quality and managing water conditions ensures economic benefits and supports the rebuilding of many species that may otherwise become extinct.

The quality of water used in aquaculture can significantly impact the growth, reproduction, and overall health of fish, crustaceans and other aquatic life. Without proper treatment, water can contain and/or build up harmful substances, pathogens and other contaminants that can compromise the existence of many species.

Untreated water can contain excess nutrients, chemicals and other pollutants that can cause harmful algae blooms and other issues. Correct water treatment systems can remove these debilitating particles ensuring the water used in aquaculture maintains the well-being of marine life. Fish and other aquatic species require a specific level of oxygen to survive, and if this is not available, it may cause harm to them.

Tapping into Wavelength's knowledge ensures a water treatment system that will maintain the proper oxygen levels for any aquatic species' optimal growth and survival.


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