Wavelength Water

Headquartered in East Tamaki, Auckland, Wavelength Water is the epitome of trust in water treatment.

Founded in 2005 by Andrew Donovan, Wavelength Waters journey has never wavered from a commitment to excellence. In 2020, Ben Moore and Darryl Ingham took over the reins. Utilising their relationships built over decades, the 20-strong team of seasoned professionals enter the next phase of their journey.

With Melissa Pachai stepping into the role of General Manager in 2023, Wavelength Water will continue to evolve and cement its position as the foremost choice for comprehensive water treatment solutions.

Wavelength Water takes immense pride in being a reliable one-stop shop for all water markets and needs. From initial project scoping, Wavelength Water thoroughly understands your requirements, ensuring continuous flawless system operation with unwavering support.

No matter the water, Wavelength has the solution.

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Wavelength are proud to be the NZ representatives for industry leading products.