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Wavelength Water specialises in tailoring water treatment solutions for diverse community needs, ensuring safe, clean water that meets regulations while fostering sustainability in large and small supplies.

Wavelength Water provides a one-stop shop for numerous types of community water supplies.

Their team of experts will see the bespoke water treatment system from start to finish, including scoping, water safety plans and design, equipment supply, and installation. Once commissioned, Wavelength is committed to ongoing support and servicing and can provide all training necessary to ensure that the output remains compliant with any new rules and regulations, ensuring consumers receive the highest quality of water.

Wavelength offers a turn-key package for Small Water Suppliers that complies with the new Taumata Arowai regulations while considering financial constraints.

The team can provide exceptionally detailed product and process knowledge for Large Water Suppliers in key areas such as UV disinfection, onsite chlorine generation and instrumentation, and finding solutions for various water treatment challenges.

No matter the size, they deliver high-quality water treatment solutions using state-of-the-art equipment, innovative processes, and advanced techniques. With in-depth knowledge of an extensive line of products, they can provide cutting-edge solutions that are efficient and effective.

Clean, safe water is critical in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment for guests in resorts and campgrounds. By commissioning a bespoke water treatment system, Wavelength can remove contaminants using easy-to-maintain but highly efficient processes, making the water not just safe to drink but ensuring that the water is clear and odourless, providing a better overall experience for guests, adding to an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Wavelength's approach aligns with water being Taonga (precious) and has its own life force (Mauri); freshwater is one of the fundamental pillars of health. By integrating these beliefs into the engagement and design process, a bespoke solution can be developed to ensure water at the Marae is clean, safe, and respected by all who use it. Wavelength is committed to providing solutions around restoring and preserving the balance between the water, the wider environment, and the community.

Essential for health in retirement communities, robust water treatment safeguards seniors with compromised immune systems. Eliminating harmful pathogens is vital, as well as improving water aesthetics, encouraging hydration, and supporting overall well-being.


Effective wastewater treatment plays a critical role in safeguarding public health and protecting the environment, as it can contain a myriad of contaminants such as organic matter, bacteria, viruses, nutrients, heavy metals and chemicals that can pose severe risks to human health, ecosystems and other downstream processes if not correctly treated.

By meeting required effluent quality standards through methods such as UV disinfection pH, correction, and monitoring with online instrumentation, correctly treated water can be recycled back into the environment and reused for activities such as irrigation and in the industrial sector; this reduces the environmental burden placed on freshwater sources and assists those companies' sustainability targets.

Community Water & Waste

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