Wavelength Water Services and The Pure Water Project join forces

April 1, 2024
Wavelength Water Services and The Pure Water Project join forces
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The teams at Wavelength Water Services and The Pure Water Project are excited to announce we’re merging to create one business, offering our customers and suppliers a broader range of services and expertise.

Wavelength Water Services professionally designs, installs, maintains and repairs water treatment systems used in municipal water supplies and swimming pools, and commercial and industrial water treatment. The Pure Water Project designs, supplies and installs water purification systems for homes, communities, farms and businesses. Our two organisations complement each other very well and our teams – both in-house and specialised subcontractors – have a wealth of knowledge and skills.

With the New Zealand Government currently reviewing how to improve the regulation and supply arrangements of different types of water, including drinking water and wastewater, and a growing focus generally on water quality in New Zealand, this is a great time for us to be joining forces.

We will strive to be your single point of contact for everything to do with water treatment. Our number one goal continues to be providing outstanding service, flexibility and value.

What’s staying the same:

  • There are no changes to Wavelength’s or The Pure Water Project’s team and structure, so you’ll be in touch with the same people as usual.
  • Our respective leadership teams will remain the same.
  • Our phone numbers and email won’t change, so please just contact us as you usually do.
  • Our two organisation names will remain the same for now. We may look at naming our newly merged business at a later point and we’ll keep customers and suppliers posted on this.

What’s changing:

  • We’ve moved to a new, larger location at: 2/36 Zelanian Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland.
  • We’ve combined our product range, giving suppliers and customers more options. We’re now proud to be official NZ representatives of:
  • Berson & Hanovia UV Systems
  • Kinetico Water Systems
  • Neptune Benson filtration
  • MIOX mixed oxidant and chlorine generation
  • Dosatronic chemical dosing and control systems
  • Pulsafeeder chemical dose pumps
  • As well as a wide range of additional products

We’re looking forward to talking with our customers and suppliers soon to share the additional capability, expertise and products we can now offer.

Ben Moore

Director, Chartered Water & Environmental Manager


+64 21 481 309

Darryl Ingham

Director, Water Quality Engineer


+64 27 587 3402